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Growing a Brand Identity: Website Design

Updated: May 26, 2022

The brand identity of a company is the overall look of its visual brand collateral and the use of specific fonts, colors and graphic elements. Visual brand collateral includes both print and digital marketing materials. In this digital world, business website is vital to being found online. The first impression of your business is often your website.

"I don't need a website, I use my Instagram account and DM customers."

"I already have a website. I had some company out of Ohio build it. I don't really look at it much."

Sound familiar?

It takes only 50 milliseconds for a website visitor to form an opinion about your website. In that time they will decide whether they like your website or not, and whether they’ll stay or leave.

There are multiple factors that dictate their decision-- the logo, layout, colors, fonts, images, copy text and user experience. Below are five key considerations of we well-designed website:

mobile optimized website
Websites need to be mobile optimized to increase SEO.


With more and more consumers logging onto the Web to research products and services, if they are going to find your business, your business needs to be on the Web. A first impression of a business is often their website. The site needs to reflect the professionalism and quality of the business through the style and design of the site.


With a website, you are no longer limited to a customer base that is in physical proximity to your main office. Your place of business may be in Virginia, but your customers can be in Hawaii. This aids in growing your business past word of mouth.

Customer Experience

When customers can log onto your website and easily find the information they want-when they want it--their satisfaction increases. ​

89% of consumers shop with the competition after a poor user experience. (WebFX)

When Covid hit small business owners across the world realized just how important an eCommerce website was to their annual revenue. There has been a shift in mindset. Business owners started implementing online appointment booking, online ordering, orders for pick-up. At first customers needed this to interact with the business. Now, customers want these features on their websites to make it easier to interact with the business and to keep up with their competition. None of these online features are going away. They are in more demand than ever.

Is your site mobile optimized?

The majority of website visitors are logging on from a mobile device. If it is hard to navigate your site from a mobile device, guess what, visitors leave your site.


A professional looking website can level the playing field for smaller companies trying to compete against larger enterprises. It's also a way to stay in the game. Even if people can't find you on the Web chances are they can find your competitors.


When you can point customers, partners, even potential employees or investors to a visually stunning website, it tells them you are a serious business.

Does your current site check all of the boxes of a well-design website?

Ask yourself:

  • How is my current website working for me as a business owner?

  • Can I capture visitor's contact information to grow my contact list?

  • Can customers book appointments with me from my website?

  • Can customers easily find what they need on my website?

  • ​Can customers order products or RSVP to events from my website?

  • Can customers contact you through your website?

  • Can you respond to website messages easily?

  • How many website visitors does my site get a month?

  • How many qualified leads come from my website?

  • How is my website ranked in search results?

  • Is my website mobile optimized?

Most websites have one or two but not all of considerations discussed above. Contact us for a consultation to discuss improving your website presence online.


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