Not your typical designer.

Melissa Winebrenner is the owner of Winebrenner Designs LLC.  She is a freelance web designer and graphic designer, as well as a marketing consultant.


A typical graphic designer can only provide a narrowly focused set of design services. Melissa is not a typical graphic designer. With over 18 years of experience covering journalism, marketing, website design and graphic design, Winebrenner Designs LLC can be your one stop shop for all aspects of a properly implemented marketing plan including web and graphic design, copy/edit assistance and marketing implementation strategies.

Melissa works one-on-one with you to address your specific goals and situation.  Each design is customized to your unique business--we make it yours. She takes pride in being easy to work with, always meeting deadlines, and making resourceful use of budgets. Her creativity, flexibility and work ethic have enabled Winebrenner Designs LLC to develop and maintain long-term relationships with their clients who include non-profits, small businesses, corporations and individuals across the country.

Wix Expert Melissa Winebrenner of Winebrenner Designs LLC


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