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Brand Journey of Social Media Influencer: Lee Varhola Home

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media influence, Lee Varhola ventured into a creative endeavor in 2021, giving life to her brand, Lee Varhola Home. Balancing her role as a Pediatric ICU nurse, she unfolded her passion for DIY, home interiors, renovation, hosting, and cooking on social media, garnering a devoted following. Acknowledging the necessity of a centralized platform, Lee Varhola Home collaborated with Winebrenner Designs to create a unique blog-style website, marking a pivotal move in establishing her digital footprint.

Lee Varhola Home Website Mood Board

The Foundation: A Business Website

Winebrenner Designs collaborated with Lee, launching her custom-designed website in March 2022. The site, adorned with her distinctive logo and a clear sales statement, serves as a hub for her creative content. The Lee Varhola Home website features a blog and seamless integration with LTK (, streamlining the shopping experience for her followers while connecting to her social media accounts.

Lee Varhola Home Website for Social Media Influencer

Growth of a Social Media Influencer

Beyond sharing grand millennial decor tips and DIY projects on her @leevarholahome Instagram Lee's influence expanded locally. Her design expertise led to projects ranging from entryway refreshes to Holiday decorating. Notably, she showcased her charitable side, organizing a successful Instagram money drive in December 2023 to enhance Christmas decorations in the Pediatric intensive care unit where she works.

Brand Identity as a Social Media Influencer

With 9.5K followers on Instagram, Lee's website played a pivotal role in establishing her brand identity. The professional and organized online presence created through her website not only garnered credibility but also set her apart in a competitive landscape.

Lee emphasizes, "Not many content creators in my niche have websites at all, let alone one that comes across so professionally."

Content Strategy for a Social Media Influencer

Lee strategically uses her website to anchor her content, linking seamlessly from Instagram to detailed blog posts. The LTK integration provides a comprehensive view of her style, fostering user engagement. Lee's content strategy revolves around consistency, utilizing videos on platforms to reach a broader audience, and redirecting them to her website for in-depth information.

Advice from a Social Media Influencer

Reflecting on her journey, Lee emphasizes the significance of consistency and engagement in community building.

Lee encourages fellow influencers to invest in a professional website, asserting, "A professional website is such a great resource for owning your content."

In the collaborative journey of Lee Varhola Home and Winebrenner Designs, the significance of a well-crafted website for social media influencers becomes evident. Lee's success story highlights the impact of a professional online presence on brand identity, credibility, and community engagement. As she approaches the 10K follower milestone, her journey stands as a testament to the power of consistency, creativity, and the strategic use of a dedicated website in the evolving landscape of social media influence.

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