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Digital Transformation: Freedom Fleet Service

Updated: Mar 1

Freedom Fleet Service Website Design

In the bustling Greater Kansas City Area, Freedom Fleet Service is a trusted name in emergency mobile repair and fleet maintenance for heavy-duty vehicles. When they found themselves at the crossroads of needing an online presence and an enhanced hiring process, they turned to me, Melissa Winebrenner, the Owner, and Creative Director of Winebrenner Designs.

The Challenge:

Freedom Fleet Service faced the challenge of operating without a website and relying on a third party for technical evaluations during hiring. Recognizing the necessity of my expertise in their digital journey, they chose to partner with Winebrenner Designs.

The Guiding Force:

Being known for my strategic approach to website design, I stepped in as the guide in Freedom Fleet Service's digital transformation. The project unfolded with a comprehensive website strategy, which included a custom form for embedded technician skills assessment, streamlined email automation, a custom contact form, seamless links to social media pages, and clear calls to action.

JaSymne Trimble, the Business Manager for Freedom Fleet Service, shared her initial impressions, saying, "The first draft of the website I saw made me truly realize that this was a good fit for what we were looking for, and it made me feel glad that we had decided to move forward with having Melissa design our website."

The Journey:

Our collaborative approach became a key highlight, with Trimble emphasizing the effectiveness of my Winebrenner Designs' W-Design Method and Content Planner Homework. "Having the content planner homework made sure that I was able to look at everything I needed, mark it off once it was completed, and double-check my progress as it went."

The Transformation

With Winebrenner Designs as its guide, Freedom Fleet Service is now enjoying the benefits of a modern online presence. Trimble expressed her enthusiasm, stating,

"It's great! We have had a couple of people already checking it out, all of our techs love it, and I can't wait to put it to use. We have already ordered our new business cards that include the website :)"

When asked about what pleased her most about the collaboration, Trimble emphasized, "The ease and the availability/flexibility Melissa had with us."

The new website ( allowed Freedom Fleet Service to let go of a third-party solution for screening new technicians. (A definite cost savings.) Winebrenner Designs designed the 75+ question skills assessment form on the website. The hiring and screening process is all in-house and automated for office staff to better manage. We also added a custom form for clients to set up preferred payment accounts and automated the process. This not only eases the workload of the office staff but also provides an easier solution for the customer. The result is a website that is working 24/7 for the business.

In a testament to the guidance provided by Winebrenner Designs, Trimble expressed her eagerness to recommend the service to others: "Winebrenner Designs was one of the easiest companies we've worked with. Melissa listened to our design ideas while also giving phenomenal recommendations of her own, and our site looks absolutely amazing. I have already sent a recommendation to my sister, who is a writer, to use Winebrenner when she is ready to design her own website!"

Freedom Fleet Service is an example of the transformative power of strategic website design. With Winebrenner Designs as their trusted partner, they are now well-prepared to navigate the digital landscape, marking the start of a new chapter in their success story.


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