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Wix Expert Convention in Miami

Melissa Winebrenner at Wix headquarters in Miami
Wix headquarters in Miami

I attended the first ever Wix Expert Convention in Miami May 22-23. This was my first time to Miami. I was so excited to see a new city, meet my fellow Wix Experts AND get to go to the beach all in one trip.

The two day convention was held at Wix Headquarters in Miami. The convention was created by and run by Wix Expert community members! Yes, created by us, run by us....for... us.

The staff at Wix was amazing and the top leadership came to the event to meet us, answer our questions and provide us with sneak peaks at what's coming soon.

Workshops were held teaching us Wix Code, networking skills, business growth, and marketing. In between these amazing sessions, I met designers from Russia, London, Aruba, Costa Rica Brazil, Scotland, Australia, the states... it was amazing!

The positive energy and community vibe was so uplifting. I headed home with new knowledge, ideas, goals, contacts and new friends! I can't wait for the next one!


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