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Freebie Friday: Thank You Basket Sign & Holiday Wine Tags

I was going to post a Freebie Friday today and next week but I just can’t wait. I am going to give away two freebies today! Yes, you read that correctly. TWO FREEBIES! What can I say, I am in a giving mood.

Thank You Basket Sign

We all have Thanksgiving traditions and other Holiday traditions. In our family, our Holiday shopping starts on Black Friday. I tend to do most of my Holiday shopping online. Inevitably, this means that UPS, USPS, Amazon and FedEx frequent our home often. Very often. To the point that our dog Murphy doesn’t even flinch when a stranger carrying a package steps on our porch. Arrive by car without a package and he whines, paces and he-haws for you to ring the doorbell. (He is an excellent doorbell warning system.)

Last year we started a new tradition. I was searching Pinterest and saw cute signs and baskets of goodies for delivery people. I loved the idea to thank these amazing men and women who brave the cold, rain, ice and snow to deliver our packages. I designed my own sign and rallied my daughters to help me fill the basket.

My daughters had fun choosing snacks to put in the basket. Last year we filled the basket with different items each week. We gave away apples, granola bars, chips, Christmas Cakes and bottled water in the basket. It was an on-going bet among our family to see if any of the “healthy items” would be taken. I was all for the healthy snacks would be snatched. But alas. The girls won the bet. The Christmas Cakes were far too appealing and always the first to go.

This year on Black Friday, I got out the basket and filled it with treats. And, Yes, the Christmas Cakes are in the basket this year.

Winebrenner Designs Holiday Thank You Sign
Thank you basket to delivery drivers during the holidays.

Click here to download your free copy of the Thank You Sign. I printed mine on card stock and placed it in a plastic sheet protector (to keep it dry in the rain and snow.). Then I taped a ruler to the back of the sign and attached it to the basket.

Holiday Wine Tags

Tomorrow is the first of December and marks the first of many Holiday Parties for the month. I love all of them. Cookie exchanges, White Elephant Parties, Ugly Sweater Parties, Christmas PJ parties... It’s a month of joy and laughter with friends and family. I can’t wait! We often give a bottle wine as a hostess gift to our friends.

Free printable Bottle Tags
Colorful bottle tags for the Holidays

I designed these fun Holiday Wine Tags for that very reason. They work well on other bottled beverages too—scotch, vodka, tequila, rum—is it Five O’clock yet?!

Click here to download them for your gift giving this Holiday. ENJOY!

Happy Friday!

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