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FREEBIE: You've been Boo'd Poem

You've Been Boo'd
Download free "You've Been Boo'd" printable.

Halloween... it is my favorite holiday. Growing up I thought it was awesome that I got to dress up as something completely unlike me and collect candy from neighbors. I always had perms (it was the 80's) so it was a given that one year I dressed as Michael Jackson with my red leather jacket and white glove. My favorite costume was the year my best friend and I dressed up as Punk Rockers. I did my own make-up and it was pretty awesome. (Picture Jem and the Holograms meets Madonna.) The funniest year was when I dressed as a Mummy. My mom wrapped me in toilet paper. The whole night my brother had to keep re-wrapping me because I was unraveling. What was your favorite costume as a kid?

To make the week even better... the day after Halloween is my birthday. I get candy and presents! Best week EVER!

In 2005, Halloween became even more special to me. On October 30, my daughter was born making me a mom. She was born with a bunch of hair and even had some on the top of her ears... so I said she was a werewolf for Halloween. Don't worry the hair fell off--all of it. She was bald for a while. :) We spent that Halloween and my birthday in the hospital that year and it was the best birthday gift ever.

My love for Halloween is shared by my whole family. (Like they really had a choice.) We love to decorate and especially for Halloween. They beg me to decorate before October 1. Truth be told we have decorated before the official start of Fall. We transform our entire house inside and outside. Some years our decor was friendly and cute. This year, my kids are at an age that they like the more spooky side of Halloween. (FINALLY!) I still love dressing up. I still love candy although I don't get to go door to door anymore. I do however get to pilfer through my kids' candy.

We have a family tradition of Boo'ing our friends. What is Boo'ing your friends? It is a trick and a treat rolled into one. It is giving a Halloween gift without expecting one in return.

What to do:

  • Print two copies of the poem.

  • Make two goodie bags with candy or toys.

  • Attach the poem to each bag.

  • In the dark of night: your kids leave a Boo'd bag on the front porch of a friend's house, ring the doorbell and RUN!

My husband is the getaway driver. I am the navigator. Watching our girls sneak up to a door, run through yards and scale bushes is hysterical. This year, my oldest daughter had to leave a bag on a front porch where the front door was open and they were watching TV in the living room. She didn't get caught. And, I think she has a future in hurdle jumping.

Today, I want to share with you our tradition. You can download the free "You've Been Boo'd" poem by clicking here.

Have fun!

Please share with me your families' funniest Boo'd bag deliveries.

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