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Blogging for a Cause

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Ribbon
Ovarian Cancer Awareness: Know the signs

Romantic Suspense author Michelle Grey is a ovarian cancer survivor because of early detection. The month of September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. She hired me (Winebrenner Designs) to promote a TEAL signed Book Giveaway for the month of September. One of the goals behind the giveaway is to inform women of the four main symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.

In a later post I will share what Winebrenner Designs did to create, administer and promote such a wonderful giveaway.

But for today, I blog for a cause. I want YOU to learn the four main symptoms of ovarian cancer. Please read Michelle Grey's enlightening blog post "Turning a Whisper into a Scream". Please enter the contest as well. And, yes if you win I'd love to borrow the books. :)

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