Midwest Romance Writers

Michelle Grey


Melissa is a joy to work with - extremely professional yet personable and relatable. She has a great ability to get to the heart of what you're after with your site and make it a reality. Her communication is thorough and my expectations were more that met with her service. I would highly recommend her for website design and will work with her on all of my future projects.


Robert West


I had a great experience working with Melissa on this project. Her guidance and design helped me get the site I wanted and is set up to accomplish my online goals. I’m very happy!


Paula Moore

Owner and Artist

I worked with Winebrenner Designs in 2017 and was very satisfied with Melissa's attention to detail. I wanted to refresh my website enabling me to post new art works, art articles and offer on-line art classes. I did not hesitate contacting Melissa again for her guidance and expertise. In fact, I have hired Melissa with Winebrenner Designs, LLC as a consultant this year to assist me in managing the website with new content and future classes. Additionally, this commitment holds me accountable to continue doing my part in keeping my website fresh and updated. Knowing Melissa will be handling the technical portion allows me to focus on creating, teaching and sharing my art.

1VICTOR Healthcare & Services

Victor Northern


Winebrenner Designs was chosen by us because out of the two or three designers we spoke to, or called before, their initial communication was tremendous. As newbies to the website community, because of Covid-19, we did not have a clue who to believe. The first web design company we spoke to quoted us $4,500 just to build the website. And they were asking for $2750 up front. After speaking to Winebrenner Designs, they explained the differences, did a little hand holding along the way, and produced our vision.....a vision our owner has held in his mind for a website, and openly discussed....brought our vision to life. They are very professional, very professional! And in the beginning, during the building, and even after the website was published, they have been available for questions. And finally they stand behind their word and work! We at 1VICTOR recommend Winebrenner Designs. Because when it comes to websites and web design, working with Winebrenner Designs.....there is only 1VICTOR-----YOOU!

Author of Historical and Romantic Suspense

Amy Leigh Harden


"I was so pleased at how Melissa turned my vague ideas and vision for a website into a professional website that exactly meant my needs and surpassed my vision. I get so many compliments on my website and am incredibly proud of it."

Open World Racing

Andy Riedy


"The end product was just what I had in mind - Melissa's ability to deliver on what we discussed as the final product was key."


Courtney Smith


"Melissa is fantastic to work with. She listens to your needs and wants, is creative in her problem solving, and ALWAYS comes through with a solution. She is detailed, efficient, and very easy to work with. We love the tweaks she made to our website that allow the experience to be better for our website visitors. Our new website is visually appealing, evokes emotion, and is easy to navigate. The registration system she designed also has made tedious work on our end so much easier. "

Bashful Stork

Jessica Stewart


"I would definitely recommend Winebrenner Designs. I liked how everything was organized and easy to follow! Melissa has been extremely helpful and responsive. I have had a great experience and love my logo and website for Bashful Stork!"

The Manifestation Formula

Richard Spitzer


"Melissa provided exceptional organization of the process, fast communications and good insights about what was needed at the revised website. Everything was done better and faster than expected. An equally important, the project estimate was reasonable and completed as proposed. Thanks Melissa"


Sharon Wilson


"Melissa put together a very complete and thorough one-hour training session for my PR client and me teaching us how to use Wix. I was immediately able to go into an existing website and make changes. She even provided a recording of the session if I should need it later. Melissa knows her material well and is a very capable teacher. She even gave some advice on changes that we could do for SEO purposes."

Advanced Sector Investors

Joseph Ryden


"Task completed on time, as required and at the set price. I would hire her again. She is very knowledge in her field and easy to talk to on the phone."

Outlook Hardscape, Inc.

Tammy Hensley


"I was very impressed by the organization in the process and how timely everything happened. I highly recommend Winebrenner Designs. We were on a deadline and Melissa faced it head on and had a plan. Not only did our website turn out beautifully, we were up and running right on time!"

Blue Chip

Brad Vignatelli


"Melissa was fantastic to work with. She asked all the right questions and built our new web-site from scratch. It is running like a dream and we constantly receive positive marks from our clients. Strongly recommend Melissa..."

Royal Services, Inc.

Jamie Leeper

Director of Business Development

"We hired Winebrenner Designs LLC for a company wide rebranding including a complete redesign of our website and overhaul of our marketing materials. The way in which Melissa was able to provide our visitors with an idea of what our company culture looks like through the words used on the website. We have received feedback from a handful of outsiders who told us that they got the idea that we were a compnay based on family values and long term partnerships from what they read online." How can Winebrenner Designs LLC improve? "We would have brought you in 3 years ago when we last did this! I would definitely refer friends and family who are looking for support in this area and would let them know that Melissa has the talent to balance the aesthetic side of the website with what's going on behind the scenes from an SEO perspective without sacrificing the uniqueness of your organization."


Paula Moore

Owner and Artist

"I was in dire need of a complete makeover of my website. I could envision the look, feel and the way I wanted to interact with my students and art patrons. However, I was frustrated that I didn’t possess the skills to put the site together. I was anxious choosing a designer since my experience with three other companies were either slow as molasses, pushy with their own ideas, too pricy or very condescending toward my lack of web design skills. Not so with Melissa!!!!! Here is my list of attributes for her: Prompt, professional, never condescending, innovative, knowledgeable, organized & kind. I am thrilled with my newly updated website and because of Melissa’s patient instruction, I now understand how to make changes to pages, add photos and write blog posts. Melissa gave me a much needed boost of confidence as I am watching my art business grow. She is worth every penny. Most of all I know this new business partner and friend is only an email away when I need Winebrenner Designs services in the future."

Abstract Artist

Roger J. Simonsen


"[Winebrenner Designs] set up website to be found on google and authenticate the DNS. Also edited website to improve look and added a page to websites." I was pleased most by the "concern as to how the website looked and search ability. [Winebrenner Designs is] Fast, professional, and knowledgeable."

Liberty Auto Restoration, LLC

Michael Howard


"Melissa was very Responsive and listened to our needs. If you need a quality web site then Winebrenner Designs is the company for you."

Hoganville Family Farms

Mindy Brenner


"Melissa created the perfect postcard handout for our customers! I appreciated Melissa's attention to detail, creativity, turn around time, and desire to create a high-quality product for my business. Melissa created a high-quality product that I am proud to deliver to my customers. She was easy to work with as well as creative and quick to create the high quality handout I needed for my customers."

Lake Stockton Yacht Club

Barry Nelson


"I received a very high level of service and she went above and beyond many times. Lots of good ideas. Built a great website. Melissa Rocks."

Happy Friday Life

Karen L.K. Picard

Poet & Author

Web design, social media, Marketing: "Prompt, patient and talented... A company that is reliable, does what they say, affordable and [has the] patience to work with a creative minded person.

Author of Romantic Suspense

Michelle Grey


"Melissa is always accessible. I'm an author so I work when I work, and no matter when I contact her with miscellaneous questions, she is always quick to respond and incredibly professional. Melissa is an absolute professional. She is very intuitive and knows what will work - both for website and branding purposes, and party planning. I'm so thankful to have her on my team."

ME3 Training & Development

Ed Varhola


"The website has gotten excellent feedback, it is vibrant, informative and looks great. The experience and advice I got throughout was extremely helpful. I was also pleased that my thoughts and ideas were taken into account throughout the process. You cannot go wrong [with Winebrenner Designs]. Trust in the process, trust the advice."

Busy Mom Cupcakes​

Beth Wooldridge


"Winebrenner Designs has been instrumental in helping me not only open my business but grow my business. Busy Mom Cupcakes opened our doors in July 2014 and Winebrenner Designs have been there every step of the way. Melissa created our logo, our website, all our marketing materials and we have received so many compliments from other businesses and our customers about her work. As a small business owner it is nice to have someone I consider as part of my team to do things like this that I am not able to do. Winebrenner Designs is a vital part of my business and I look forward to many more years working with them."

Unity Center of Leavenworth

Rev. Gayla Crum


"My fear was that the cost may be too much for my out of pocket expense. No it was very reasonable and even profitable." What surprised you: “The speed in which the project came about - we knew we had a deadline to meet and it did not curb any creativity or ability to fine tune our work. The surprise that Melissa wanted to gear the brochure to all generations specifically the younger crowd pleased me. Winebrenner Designs is top notch - very affordable and cutting edge for marketing."

Anesthesia Consultants of Indianapolis

Jennifer White


"I love that year after year I can count on Winebrenner Designs to design, print and mail the perfect Holiday party invites. She listens to what I'm looking for and uses that to create amazing designs year after year. You have got to use Winebrenner Designs. It is quick, affordable, and perfect, every time! You won't be disappointed!"

Wix Expert Melissa Winebrenner of Winebrenner Designs LLC


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