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Why Your Service or Product Shouldn't be the Hero on Your Website

In the world of effective storytelling for business, it's tempting to cast our services or products as the main hero – the solution to all problems. However, this approach often leaves your customers feeling disconnected and unengaged. Here's why:

Don't be the hero on your website

Customers Want to Be the Hero:

Your customers are the protagonists of their own stories, not your product or service. When they visit your website, they're seeking solutions to their challenges and looking for a guide (that's you) to assist them on their journey. By positioning them as the hero, you recognize and validate their needs and aspirations.

Connection through Empathy:

Shifting the focus to the customer as the hero demonstrates empathy. This connection is potent. It's not about showcasing the greatness of your product; it's about illustrating how your product can transform their lives or businesses.

Guiding the Transformation:

The W-Design Method positions your brand as the guide or mentor in the customer's story. Your role is to provide the tools, expertise, and support that empowers them to overcome challenges and achieve success. By adopting this mentorship role, your product or service becomes an essential guide in their narrative.

Clarity in Messaging:

Making your customer the hero brings clarity to your messaging. It addresses the fundamental question your visitors have: "How can this product or service make my life better?" By answering this question, you engage your audience and maintain their interest in what you have to offer.

So, How Do We Do This?

I help customers craft a narrative that places the customer front and center, using my W-Design Method. Using the information provided by my clients, I employ language, visuals, and calls-to-action that speak directly to their dream customers' needs and aspirations. Instead of saying, "Look how great our product is," let's say, "Imagine how great your life or business can be with our guidance."

In essence, our clients who use our W-Design Method, end up crafting a story where their dream customer is the hero, and our client’s product or service is the trusted guide leading them to success. The website becomes more than just a digital placeholder, it's an immersive experience that resonates with their target audience on a deeper level.

Does your website position your product or service as the hero or the guide?


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