UserWay: Adding Website Accessibility for your Wix Website

In October of 2019, the Supreme Court ruled to allow people to sue over Website Accessibility. The case was against Domino's Pizza, Inc. The ruling directly effects retail stores and their websites and apps.  However, it will only be a matter of time before service-based businesses are also covered under new laws.  You can read a news article from Disability Scoop which details in the case.  

Winebrenner Designs LLC strives to be informed of the latest technologies and enhancements to build websites that are accessible to those with disabilities.  However, we cannot guarantee the websites we build are 100% ADA compliant, even with the addition of accessible tools and technologies.


Winebrenner Designs LLC has become aware of better tool for website accessibility called UserWay. UserWay is a website widget that increases compliance with WCAG 2.1 , ATAG 2.0 , ADA ,& Section 508 requirements without changing the existing code on your website. 

UserWay automatically updates the widget with the latest accessibility features keeping your site current and meeting accessibility requirements.

What does adding UserWay to your Wix website include?

  • UserWay widget installation

  • UserWay button color coordinated to your website design.

  • UserWay developed and customized Accessibility Statement.

  • New web page named, Accessibility. The content on this page will include the formatted Accessibility Statement from UserWay.

  • Link in the footer of your website to the hidden Accessibility Statement page.

Winebrenner Designs LLC has installed UserWay on the Winebrenner Designs LLC website.   You can view and explore the UserWay widget in the lower left corner of our website.  You can also read the UserWay developed Accessibility Statement on our Accessibility page.  

If you are interested in having Winebrenner Designs add UserWay to your Wix website, please contact us.

Wix Expert Melissa Winebrenner of Winebrenner Designs LLC


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