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The Top 4 Factors that Boost SEO

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization? Simply put, SEO is the ranking of your website on search engines. How do I get SEO? Search engine ranking algorithms continue to change, but a few SEO ranking factors continue to be the most influential. These factors work together to boost rankings. The top four factors that boost SEO rankings are:

SEO factors in 2021
  1. Content

  2. Engagement

  3. Backlinks

  4. Time


Content continues to be the most important factor in search engine optimization.

The content on your website includes not only the copy text but also the alt text on your images and how they all relate to the overall website. All of the content on your website needs to support the keyword and keyword phrases for each page of your site. If you Google the phrase "purple elephant" what comes up in your search? A collection of images and websites. The images are coming up with the search because the filenames and/or alt text of purple elephant are what search engines can index for queries. The W-Design Method created by Winebrenner Designs gathers a client's SEO search terms and phrases as part of the homework phase. We help write SEO keyword-friendly copy text. In phase 2 of the W-Design Method, we design the website following SEO best practices.

Useful Content Tips:

  • Write content for your target audience (not bots)

  • Focus on content topics before specific keywords

  • Remove duplicate content

  • Use H1 Tags, optimized page titles, alt text on images and keyword-rich copy text

  • Image Optimization: alt text, the file name, title and description are important for image search.

  • Internal linking to other pages of the site.

  • Choose keywords specific to the content of the page


We have all been to a website that was hard to find what you were looking for when the page loaded, or the colors were too hard to read the text on the site. Did you stay on that website very long? No, probably not. The key to user engagement is a website design strategy. Website strategy is the purposeful use of certain words, colors, and design elements to guide a ideal target customers visiting your website exactly where you want them to go on your site to take action.

Function + Design = a stunning and professional website that meets goals of business.

Winebrenner Designs creates a website design strategy for each of our website designs. We have mastered the art of interweaving website function and stunning design elements to meet the goals of the website.

Useful Engagement Tips:

  • Website design is in a friendly layout. Google has launched a Page Layout algorithm that penalizes sites with distracting ads and annoying pop-ups.

  • Optimize the website experience

  • Web Accessibility

  • Mobile-friendly website design

  • Web design/navigation

  • Website Traffic

  • Content freshness. Regular blog postings are a great way to add fresh content to your website.

  • Customer interaction: reviews and comments. Be present and engaged on social media platforms.


A backlink is a link created when one website links to another. Useful backlink tips:

  • Register on local & industry directories

  • Backlinks from sources relevant to the referred page are strong ranking signals.

  • Matching NAP (name, address, and phone)

  • Fix broken internal links

  • Unique titles and meta descriptions

  • Maintain a clean URL structure

  • Seek relevant, quality links from the press, news, and guest blogging.

  • Claim business listings.


It is a common misconception that if you build a site and index it on Google, then the next day your site will rank in the top 10. Ranking takes time. Useful tips regarding time:

  • Higher website rankings do not happen overnight.

  • Be consistent

  • Be patient

  • Stay on top of search engine ranking algorithms.

Content, engagement, backlinks and time go hand in hand to create your website SEO.

Contact us to help you infuse website strategy and SEO-optimized copy text into your website.

This article was updated for 2023.


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