Our signature process is the W-Design Method

The W-Design Method

Our signature process, the W-Design Method, is what sets us apart from our competitors.  We work with you through each phase of our signature process to create a custom Wix website that is strategically designed to convert clicks to clients. The W-Design method has been built to leverage not only our founder’s graphic design expertise but also her experience in business and journalism.


The W-Design Method: 

  • Identifies your target market and website goals.

  • Maps out a website design strategy that generates you new leads and/or converts those leads into customers.

  • Generates search engine optimized copy text that speaks to your target audience and helps your website to be found online. (Get found online at the right buying moment.)

  • Creates a stunning website design to attract and connect with your ideal customers.


The W-Design Method is a unique four phase process that captures the essence of your business to create a professional website design that helps you reach your business goals.

The W-Design Method Phases

Phase 1: Discovery & Homework

After our consultation where we determine the project timeline we send you our W-Design Method Content Planner questionnaire to complete as “homework”. The questionnaire is an essential tool used to help us build you a stunning and professional website. We give clients at least one week to complete their homework.

Phase 2: Strategy & Development

Using the knowledge gathered from our consultation and homework phase we develop a website strategy that meets the goals of your website and fits your brand vision. Then we have a Strategy Kick-Off call with you where we discuss the customized website strategy, review our design approach for your site, and answer any questions you may have before we get started on Phase 3.

Phase 3: Design & Refine

During Design Week our team dedicates our time to designing your website. Together we complete two rounds of revisions of the website.

Phase 4: Launch and Succeed

If you are ready, we can launch your website for you. At the close of the website design project we provide you with a Website Style Guide and a Website Tutorial video showing you how to keep your site up to date and looking amazing.